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What Should I Consider When Choosing a Wedding Favor?

Deborah Ng
Deborah Ng

A wedding favor is a small gift given to a wedding guest as a memento of the special day. It's also a way to say, "Thank you for being a part of our wedding." It used to be no more than imprinted napkins or tulle-wrapped candy covered almonds, but times have changed. The bride and groom are now giving out tokens that match the day's events.

Your first consideration is always the budget. How many guests will you have and how much can you afford to spend on each guest? Will each individual guest be taking home a wedding favor or will you be providing one favor per couple? Keep in mind that favors should be only a small fraction of your expenditures. While each guest might enjoy receiving a favor, it doesn't have to be expensive. Buy or make what you can afford.

Wedding favors are usually distributed at the reception.
Wedding favors are usually distributed at the reception.

Since a wedding favor is a memento of the occasion, it would be nice if it can be inscribed. A small favor might not have space for the names of the bride and groom plus their wedding date. If you're planning on having wedding favors inscribed before passing them on to your guests, be sure there's room. If you'll be adorning each favor with a ribbon imprinted with the names and dates, there should be a place to tie the ribbon.

Wedding favors may include picture frames.
Wedding favors may include picture frames.

What will happen to the wedding favor once it leaves the reception hall? Will it be displayed prominently in a china cabinet or is it going to be tossed in a drawer. Before you purchase anything, think about its usefulness. A key ring, coffee mug, picture frame or bottle opener is a functional item. A wedding favor with a purpose is more appreciated than one your guest will have to make room for.

If each guest will be taking home an edible wedding favor, be sure it's something all diets can handle. Diabetics might not be able to eat sugary treats and many people are allergic to strawberries or chocolate. If you're going to be giving out favors that contain alcohol, you'll also want to have similar bottles of soda or sparkling water to give to teetotalers.

You might also consider a wedding favor with an aesthetic appeal. Does it enhance the décor of the wedding reception? Can it be used as a centerpiece? It should be symbolic or reflect the bride and groom's individual taste.

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@medicchristy: At my brother’s wedding, they also gave CD’s to the guests. It was actually a DVD. It included photos of the bride and groom and a video that they had recorded a few days before the wedding. Everyone loved it.


@medicchristy: There are several different things that you could consider making to give as wedding favors. I recently went to my cousin’s wedding and all of the guests were given a CD of all of the music played during their wedding reception. Each CD came with a thank you note from the bride and groom. They even went so far as to have their picture on the CD case. It was really a great gift.


My sister will be getting married soon. We are trying to decide what to give for wedding favor gifts. She wants to try to make something homemade so it will be more personal. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    • Wedding favors are usually distributed at the reception.
      By: shotsstudio
      Wedding favors are usually distributed at the reception.
    • Wedding favors may include picture frames.
      By: picsfive
      Wedding favors may include picture frames.