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How do I Block a Phone Number?

Ron Marr
Ron Marr

There are numerous reasons why a person might want to block a phone number either for incoming or outgoing calls. Luckily, there are numerous methods that make blocking a phone number a quick and simple process. Thanks to improved technology, usually all that is required to block a phone number is to press a few numbers into the keypad, call the telephone service provider, or visit a convenient website.

The type of calls people most wish to block come from telemarketers, who in years past were notorious for calling at the most inconvenient times possible. Thanks to the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNCR), which is administered by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), almost all telemarketing calls can be permanently stopped. Phone numbers to be blocked from telemarketer harassment can be registered at the NDNCR website free of charge, or by calling 1-888-382-1222 from the number you wish to block.

Telemarketer phone numbers may be blocked to avoid harassment.
Telemarketer phone numbers may be blocked to avoid harassment.

Also, contrary to urban myth, cell phone numbers can also be registered with the NDNCR. After registration, annoying phone calls should end within 31 days. A few might slip through the cracks now and again, but the FTC does not look kindly upon companies that abuse the NDNCR.

You can easily block phone calls from private parties. For landline phones, devices known as inbound call blockers allow you to accept calls only from specifically accepted individuals. Also, generally for a small fee, phone companies will provide call screening or call blocking services. All that needs to be done is to provide the phone company with the number to be blocked. If the blocked caller attempts to ring through, he will either receive a busy signal, or be routed to a recorded message stating that calls are not accepted from his number.

It is generally more difficult to block an unwanted call from a cell phone than from a landline.
It is generally more difficult to block an unwanted call from a cell phone than from a landline.

Unfortunately, it is more difficult to block an unwanted call from a cell phone. In most cases, the best approach is to simply use a Caller ID service, and not accept messages from those to whom you do not wish to speak. While such is not the best solution, at the present time it may be the best one available.

You might wish to block your own phone number from being shown to others. To accomplish this, either on a landline or cell phone, punch in * (star) 67 before dialing a number. The result will be that the Caller ID device of the number you are calling will show you as either “Number Unknown” or “Private Number.”

Telemarketers can be blocked by registering on the Do Not Call list.
Telemarketers can be blocked by registering on the Do Not Call list.

Further, you can block a phone number by entering the number * (star) 60, and typing in the number you wish deleted. By entering this code you can selectively block a phone number, and the caller will be rejected. Again, most phone companies will charge a fee for this service, but it is nominal and often well worth the cost

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@anon938314: You don't say what kind of cell you have, but I know Android offers apps that block numbers, and blocking calls is programmed into OS7 for iPhones.

If you have an iPhone, all you have to do is to call up your "recent calls" list and tap the small "i" next to the number. When the information pops up, scroll down to where you see "Block this caller" and tap on that. Confirm it and voila! No more calls, texts, anything from that number. Do that for every annoying call and you'll be able to sleep better.

I sympathize with you. My elderly mother lives alone, so if my cell goes off in the middle of the night, naturally, I assume the worst. Hope this helps you.


I woke up to an unknown call on my cell phone at 12 a.m., then again at 2 a.m. and it has been keeping me up since 3am because the calls never stopped and the calling numbers changed. I received texts too about them wanting a second girl and they're in Peabody, MA. I've gotten unknown calls before but not minutes after another.


I spoke to a telemarketer and he said the FTC could not do anything because his company called from outside of the USA! I had my landline disconnected because of all the telemarketing calls.


I use CallClerk to automatically block calls on my home phone line.


What are the codes for blocking someone's number?


@anon254623: Here's the deal. If you have a smart phone, like an iphone or Android, you should be able to get an app like Blacklist (99 cents) that will allow you to block her number. If you're talking about blocking a number on a landline, that's a different story, and will involve the phone company. You'll have to call the phone company and report her number as being an annoying or threatening number, and you want it blocked. They can take it from there, if they will.

As for whatever you texted or sent to her, sorry, but it's on her phone, to delete or use, or whatever. You sent it to her, so now it belongs to her. Your best bet is to own up to the fact you sent whatever to her, and to say you're blocking her number, etc.

Having said that, if she does send you any threatening texts, do keep them. You may need them to prove she has been harassing you.


I know a person who was my friend, but who was so mean to so many of my friends. How do I block her phone number? What does block mean? I'm in sixth grade and don't have the best comprehension, so can you make it simple, please?

So what I want to do is erase her number from my phone, 10,000 percent completely and get my phone number and some, preferably all the stuff I texted, called and sent her, and stuff that has to do with me. Because, if I don't do this, I might get expelled, and I have never even done anything to her. She used to be so nice. But now she is so mean. I've gone though 49 large tissue boxes this school year and my eyes are small and my nose is super small. Only a couple days I haven't cried.


How do I block a single phone number from incoming on an LGKS360 phone?


*67 before you dial the number. It restricts the Call from showing up on the Caller ID.


I want to know how to block calls/texts on a LG KS360 phone?


I have a LG Cookie and some dirty minded people are calling me. how do i block the texts?


For android phones, just download Mr. Call Block. It blocks area codes like 866, 800 etc and it will block every number beginning with the area code you put in, and you can put in as many area codes as you want. You can also block complete phone numbers individually. It just hangs up on the caller after the first ring. It has other customizable options also and the best part is it works perfectly and it is free!


why can't someone make a phone that when you put numbers in your contacts they are the only ones you can call and receive voice and texts from. This seems so simple for kids!


Is there an Android app that will make the caller hear a recording saying my number has been disconnected, or changed, or not in service? Anything along those lines?


This works for my phone "problem callers". right after the call, dial *60. then #01#. That will block the last call, until you remove it. Also, dialing *57 right after the call, will trace the call and send it to your provider's security department. After three such calls, the caller will get a warning from the police.


how i can block a number using a computer device?


As there are a lot of debt collectors out there, and they keep changing their numbers when calling you, or give your number to all other companies that are their allies or friends. It is very difficult for just you to deal with all of them (time, effort, and cost).

I think the Government must step in to stop them from harassing innocent people. It's not right to allow them to call anyone if they have registered with the "Do Not Call" FTC. They should get the accurate personal data and phone number from those who really owe them a debt. They can't just call your residence and pretend to look for some non-existing person, or accuse someone who live at you house owing them a debt.

Some of those debt collector companies also provide financial services to their customers, and if they want to call you to solicit/advertise their services, they can pretend that someone lives at your house owing them a debt and then freely call and harass you every day until you give up and call them back.

Even if they call the right number and leave several messages, but if the one who owes the debt don't really want to pay, then leaving hundreds of messages will not solve any problem since he/she is not going to pay and will not lose any thing.

But harassing the ones who don't really owe a debt or have nothing to do with them is a serious problem, since not only that they've been disturbing other people's life but also accusing them for owing a debt when they don't. They should stop calling after leaving two to three messages, and the government should charge them a fine if they continue to harass people.


@anon137939: O.K. Here's how you get debt collectors to stop calling you. Write the collection company a letter, telling them that you are requesting they cease and desist any phone calls to your residence or business, in accordance with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, Subsection 805, paragraph c.

*Don't* make any threats. *Don't* acknowledge the debt. Just tell them to stop contacting you in accordance with this law. They *have* to stop calling you. You may get mail from them, but the calls *must* stop, or they're in violation of federal law and you can then get the Federal Trade Commission after them.

Make a copy of the letter and send it registered mail, return receipt requested, and *keep* the receipt.

Look up the Act online. It clearly outlines what collection agencies can and cannot do.

Even if you're on the Do Not Call list, a collection agency can still call you if they think you owe them money. But writing a letter to them should stop that foolishness. You can file complaints all day and they won't listen until you've written that all-important letter. And it has to be in writing.


I am not sure if the FTC can or will do anything if those telemarketers have violated the "Do Not Call Registry" laws or regulations. I have been harassed by the debt collector who has set up the auto-dialing to call my house every day and left a lot of annoying pre-recorded messages pretending to look for someone else. I've registered with the FTC and filed many complaints, but nothing has changed.

I guess since no one is enforcing the "Do Not Call" laws or regulations, then they don't really care. They are even worse than any other telemarketing companies. I wish the Government will apply strict laws against those immoral debt collectors, and protect the innocent people from being harassed by them. Any legitimate company should know that calling to harass people is not a good way of collecting a debt, especially when you are harassing the wrong people.


i have an ex texting and calling me. Ive tried to block him through my phone company and i still receive the calls and texts. I need help please.


how do you block your land line when you're getting a call from unemployment?


I am trying to block some harassing texts. I have there phone number by my service provider (Orange) says there is no way to block them on my phone. Is there any way i can block them permanently because it is beginning to annoy me? Please help.


This is one of the best incoming call blockers I have ever used. It has tons of features, such as

(1) Block any numbers, including any area code. You can use wildcat to setup the block list. For example, add (818)292-5681, it will block that specific number; add (888)###-####, it will block all numbers from area code 888; add (561)213-####, it will block all numbers starting with (561)213. You see how powerful the device is.

(2) You can also select how to respond a unwanted call. You can select specific audio file, say, flushing toilet sound, to welcome telemarketer call from 555-555-5555, or you can select an unending ringing sound to any call from area code 818.

(3) The cool thing is, you can also forward a unwanted call to any other call, or let’s automatically (randomly) pick one from your block call list. For example, a call from one number can be automatically forwarded to another telemarketer, so they can sort things out, or a call from one number can be forwarded to a dead number.

When the device is handling the unwanted call, you hear nothing. No ring sound. It processes everything as you desire automatically.

When it's forwarding a call, it forwards the caller ID of the original caller to the new destination, not your phone number. So let’s say, you forward a telemarketer’s call to another’s telemarketer number, only they need to deal with each other.

I am not advertising for the manufacturer, though. You can search the web and find this cool device.


To those of you who get calls at 3 a.m., etc., just call the local police and make a report, and also call your phone company for a list of all incoming calls. Phone harassment is illegal and the police will visit the caller and warn them to stop. If it doesn't stop, they will be arrested. Usually the warning is all they need.


i want to block the calls from a particular number for some particular periods. After that i want to call him. How can i do this?


I had this caller who kept calling with the blocked number so I followed some suggestions in this post and it worked pretty well for me.


if i enter the code *(star) 60 and then the number of the person i want blocked, do i have to press the call button in order to activate the block? and also, if i use this function, does this mean that every time the person tries to contact me i am being charged?


For the last few days I have received calls at 5:00 am from someone I do not know.

Strangely, my phone shows the number (639-296- 967888) having an "88" on appended on the end of the telephone number.

How can this be blocked?


How do i block someone from texting me?


can i even block a collection agency?


Efficient Call Blocker will stop this. You can make them hear a message saying that your number has been disconnected too.


can I block someone from calling a certain phone number from my phone? If so, how?


If I'm not mistaken, the government agency that has jurisdiction regarding telemarketing is the Federal Communications Commission.


anon39452 - Call your phone service provider. I think they can block particular phone numbers but I'm sure what they can do differs though a variety of factors. I know I had to once change my phone number altogether to stop unwanted phone calls. Call your provider, they'll let you know what you can do.


One number keeps calling me at 3am. How do I block them?


I've registered with the national do not call list, but I still seem to get spam calls from telemarketers.

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    • Telemarketer phone numbers may be blocked to avoid harassment.
      By: maximino gomes
      Telemarketer phone numbers may be blocked to avoid harassment.
    • It is generally more difficult to block an unwanted call from a cell phone than from a landline.
      By: Monkey Business
      It is generally more difficult to block an unwanted call from a cell phone than from a landline.
    • Telemarketers can be blocked by registering on the Do Not Call list.
      By: xmasbaby
      Telemarketers can be blocked by registering on the Do Not Call list.
    • The National Do Not Call Registry is administered by the Federal trade Commission.
      By: Bill Perry
      The National Do Not Call Registry is administered by the Federal trade Commission.
    • Cell phone numbers can be registered with the National Do Not Call Registry.
      By: sanjagrujic
      Cell phone numbers can be registered with the National Do Not Call Registry.
    • After registering to block a phone number, most annoying phone calls should end within 31 days.
      By: sergign
      After registering to block a phone number, most annoying phone calls should end within 31 days.