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What Is Mormon Underwear?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Undergarments worn by adult members of the Mormon Church are colloquially referred to as Mormon underwear. These undergarments are cut very modestly, unlike traditional modern undergarments. They are traditionally first worn in early adulthood, after a religious ceremony. Mormon underwear is often considered very sacred and symbolic.

Mormon underwear is traditionally white. This color represents purity, cleanliness, and devotion. Some Mormons who are active in the military, however, may wear different colored undergarments. There may also be certain religious markings on these undergarments.

The Salt Lake Temple, a Mormon temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The Salt Lake Temple, a Mormon temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Today's modern underwear, like bikini underwear, is often cut to reveal a large amount of skin. Mormon underwear has a much more modest cut. The bottoms, for instance, are very similar to men's boxers, but they are long enough to reach the knees. Mormon undershirts are very similar to regular undershirts. These undergarments can be made out of a variety of fabrics, but cotton, polyester, and nylon are the most common types.

Individuals who wish to take an oath to the Mormon Church must first take part in a type of initiation ceremony. This is known as an endowment ceremony, and adults who are in good standing with the church and community can participate. This ceremony usually takes place when people are around 20 years old. It is at this ceremony that they will first don Mormon underwear.

When a person first puts on Mormon underwear, he basically pledges to love and obey his god. After they are put on, these undergarments must be worn against the skin. Women, for example, must wear this undershirt under their brassiers. It is common for Mormons to promise to wear these garments each and every day, for the rest of their lives.

Mormon underwear is only supposed to be taken off at certain times. As a general rule, it can be taken off when it is appropriate to take off regular underwear. It can be taken off when bathing or using the toilet, for instance. It can also be taken off when a man and a woman have sexual intercourse, but only in the confines of marriage.

Contrary to what some believe, Mormons are not forced to wear Mormon underwear. Many wear these undergarments as a simple reminder to their devotion to their god. To them, it is considered a sacred practice that should not be discussed. Because of this, some individuals have mocked Mormon underwear for its secrecy. Of course, not many non-Mormons discuss their underwear either.

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Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here.


I don't think Mormons ever talk about these garments either. Every comment I've read about Mormon underwear has been written by non-Mormons and there seems to be a consensus among non-Mormons that Mormon underwear and garments is weird and awkward. I don't agree but I also understand that this is a natural response, we all are surprised when we learn about something that is different from us and what we are used to.

What non-Mormons are most concerned about though is that some Mormons believe that Mormon underwear has the ability to protect from all evil. For example, I heard that if a Mormon has a car accident and comes out of it safely or with a minor injury, it is not unlikely for him to believe that it is because of his garment.

It's good to know what non-Mormons think about Mormon underwear, but I really wish we could hear about it first-hand from Mormons themselves because no one else will be able to explain this practice better than them.


@feruze-- Yes, both men and women have to wear it. I actually don't like that it is called Mormon underwear by most people because the proper term is "garment" or "Temple garment." It's not exactly the same for women and men. Both wear two-piece garments with shirts and long shorts but women's have shorter sleeves and the neckline is different.

Not everyone's garments are stitched with symbols, but some have masonic symbols on them. The garments themselves are symbols though. They are symbols of Mormon's faith and covenant with the Temple. It is also a symbol of human nature which is meant to be modest. Wearing them all the time means that Mormons will never forget their role and duties as Mormons.


For some reason, I thought that only Mormon men were required to wear this underwear when they become adults. I didn't know that women have to as well. Are women and men's underwear exactly the same in cut and style?

Can you say more about the symbols that may be on the underwear and what they mean?

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    • The Salt Lake Temple, a Mormon temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.
      The Salt Lake Temple, a Mormon temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.