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What is Astral Projection?

R. Kayne
R. Kayne

Astral projection or astral travel refers to the purported experience of a person's conscious awareness leaving the physical body to observe the world from an independent and objective point of view. This is also referred to as an Out of Body Experience (OBE).

Mainstream science dismisses astral projection out of hand as being impossible according to the laws of physics as they are currently understood. It is relegated instead to flights of imagination, dreams, or hallucinations.

Astral projection is an unproven phenomenon in which a person's consciousness temporarily leaves his body.
Astral projection is an unproven phenomenon in which a person's consciousness temporarily leaves his body.

A surprising number of people — about 14% of the population according to many studies — have experienced astral projection or OBEs. Sometimes it occurs in moments of crisis. A common example involves near-fatal accidents where the subject later reports floating above the body near the ceiling in the hospital, watching on as an objective observer, taking in the actions and conversations of the medical personnel working below them. People who have recovered in such instances have reported watching their doctors pronounce them dead, or calling for specific life-saving techniques later recounted and verified by those present. This is often referred to as a Near Death Experience (NDE).

In November 1991, the Associated Press reported the UN attempted to use psychic powers to help find possible biological weapons in Iraq.
In November 1991, the Associated Press reported the UN attempted to use psychic powers to help find possible biological weapons in Iraq.

Aside from times of crisis, astral projection can take place when meditating, in trance, resting or while sleeping. Rather than hover over his or her body, the subject might travel great distances, such as to other states or countries where loved ones are located. Sometimes information or details gleaned while projecting is said to have been later verified by the subject whose physical body could not have perceived the information directly.

Astral projection can take place when meditating.
Astral projection can take place when meditating.

Edgar Cayce was widely believed to conduct medical diagnosis of needy victims from all corners of the world — all while in a trance on his couch at home. Many journalists, scientists and doctors of Cayce's day investigated him expecting to uncover a clever fraud, but instead came away convinced of his talents albeit mystified as to any possible scientific explanation.

Stories of astral projection is often linked to near death experiences.
Stories of astral projection is often linked to near death experiences.

In 1970 the CIA working with the Department of Defense reportedly began their own then-undercover research program into astral projection. They called it remote viewing and were interested in it as a possible means to surreptitiously obtain information from enemies and engage in psychic warfare. The name of the remote viewing program was originally SCANATE (standing for Scan by Coordinate). According to those involved in the project, Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff headed up the research team at Stanford Research Institute. The organization that began as SCANATE became PSI TECH in 1989, and moved into the private sector but continues to be run by former military members who were involved with it when it was still under the auspices of the DOD. In November 1991 the Associated Press reported PSI TECH was engaged by the UN to help find possible biological weapons in Iraq.

General anesthesia has been known to cause out-of-body experiences.
General anesthesia has been known to cause out-of-body experiences.

Internationally celebrated psychologist Charles T. Tart differentiates between science and scientism when it comes to work regarding altered states of consciousness and astral projection. He believes parapsychology, including astral travel, is dismissed because an attitude of dogmatic scientism preempts scientific study, creating instead a presupposition that the experience cannot be real because it violates known laws of physics. Dr. Tart believes scientific methodology should be applied rather than give way to prejudicial attitudes.

Tart has spent 40 years studying various states of consciousness. He has looked at over 100 years of parapsychology research on psi phenomenon including astral travel and OBEs. His findings lead him to conclude that consciousness does, at times, behave in ways unexplainable by our current understanding of the laws of physics. And though many experiences can be dismissed as imagination, dream or hallucination, he claims there is a large body of empirical evidence that goes beyond all known explanations.

To further study OBEs, clairvoyance, telekinesis and precognition, Tart founded TASTE (The Archives of Scientist's Transcendent Experiences), where scientists can report personal OBEs or psi experiences in an environment conducive to furthering understanding of the human mind. The contributions are posted with anonymity out of deference to the scientists who participate, but part of the process of submission involves verification of identity. These online archives are available for anyone to read.

While science looks for understanding of phenomenon among recognized laws of nature, human experience may at times run inconveniently ahead of science. For those who claim experiences like astral projection, clairvoyance, telekinesis and precognition, scientific explanation does not appear to be a prerequisite. For those who dismiss them out of hand, scientific proof will always be a prerequisite. As science and technology advance, perhaps the nether regions of psi experience will become clearer to both sides.

Discussion Comments


I just had a dream today. I was going to take a nap (around 5:30 p.m. I was pretty freaking tired) and just knocked out. Then boom! I'm dreaming without even noticing it.

I was in my old house, thinking about the financial problems me and my mom were facing and how blessed we were to still live there (we got evicted last year). As the dream continued, I realized the house was similar but not exact as to how it was really built. Also, when my mom was doing laundry there was the same pile of clothes on the ground, probably around seven piles of the same clothes. Then someone else came home, I started cleaning and slowly started to go into another room.

O.K. Here's the crazy part. I've had a handful of out-of-body experiences before, so the feeling of fear doesn't affect me emotionally; it's more familiar to me now. I also used to meditate a lot but got lazy. I was pretty good at it as well.

Well, in my dream, I went to take a nap and as I closed my eyes I could see an eye or a tunnel. As I focused on what I saw with my eyes closed, I heard what sounded like a vortex or a space shuttle blasting off or an earthquake starting to happen. It was very intense and caught me off guard, but I was able to mentally reassure myself that everything was all right. I had the feeling of OBE but I was riding it out instead of trying to escape it. I was able to feel my brain stimulated as well.

My hands were originally on my chest but it felt like I was lifting in the air. It was a very nice experience, and I hope to have another experience like this as I am very curious about controlling myself in astral projection.


I had an experience. It was a strange dream about a red eyed creature I saw in a reflection in a mirror. Then I woke up, but was paralyzed in my bed with a pain as if someone or something was sitting on my back, pinning me; even my mattress had caved.

I tried to scream for my mum but I couldn't. It felt like I was screaming, but all that came out was a babbling whisper, then suddenly I was free. Can anyone tell me what happened, please?


I really really want to astral project, but when I get to the stage where I feel tingling in my hands and a floating sensation, I feel like I'm being lifted out of my body and I'm just to scared of seeing Low Vibration Entities or "Evil" thingies and scared of not being able to get back in my body. And I force myself to get up and break from the hypnosis and just get too terrified. I stayed up crying for a while.

I still want to go on and get there, but how do I shake this fear off? How can I go to the high vibration frequency place? How can I assure myself that nothing bad will happen to me and protect myself?


Yeah I had my first obe/nde back in 2000, and remembered something like this. I have been a type 1 diabetic since age 13. I took my shot while I had the flu, and went into hypoglycemic shock.

All I remember was taking a shower that day, and trying to eat Popsicles and drink Pepsi, to help with the sugar.

I took a shower and told my roommate, at the time I was going to lie down. I remember feeling really dizzy and lethargic, and falling face first towards the floor, well more like through the floor. The fun part is while you're experiencing that, you have no idea that you're out of body, so it feels very real to you.

I remember it being very dark, but warm like a wind was blowing in my ear. I could have stayed there forever and slept. I am sure it was probably the void or tunnel people talk about.

I don't remember how, but then I opened my eyes and I was in my apartment complex building's parking lot, and saw the ambulance there and they were carrying someone down the stairs on a stretcher. I assumed then it was me.

So I am outside, and everything has a bright yellow hue to it, then I started feeling scared and nervous, just all spidey senses going off like mad.

I then just thought of a safe place to go like I wanted to walk there or run away from my apartment. I then thought of my childhood home in Michigan and was there within a split second.

By the way, I was living in California at the time of my accident.


I experience sleep paralysis often, but I have never experienced a sense of dread, or any malicious entity in the room with me. Instead, I see writing on walls, and after a few sentences and scribbling, some discernible, but mostly not, the writing then tears off the wall and I am surrounded by a fluttering, spiraling vortex of letters, which sticks to my hands and face, and ricochets off the walls and objects.

When I force myself out of the trance, I can still see these letters for 20-30 seconds, until they form a tight, black vortex which molds with the shadows on the walls.

One sentence on the wall read: "It is not the word order that is important. This is incorrect". The other day after an episode, I awoke to see in the reflection of my TV and myself, floating above my body, but it was static, as if I was snapshot frozen and rotating in all possible directions. Like how a Cubist painter will paint an object from all angles. If anyone can tell me what this means, I'd be very grateful. -Elkapan


Last night I had a scary but exhilarating dream, although it felt absolutely real. I was flying at supersonic speed through a bright blue sky with crystal clear water below. My stomach was churning with the speed.

I have never experienced anything like this before. For a few nights previous to this, I felt my cat or a cat jumping and walking on my bed and hearing her claws on the floor as she jumped off. This left me scared as my cat was in another part of the house. I also feel someone touching me very gently. Please can anyone shed some light on these experiences?


Be careful. This kind of OBE experience is actually caused by demonic activities. You might have opened a door for them to enter into your life before. You should stop that sin and you should call on Jesus for help. I had similar experiences, but that could be stopped by calling on Jesus to help.

God bless you. Please read the Bible and pray to God carefully. There you will find out the answers. Remember God loves you and there is a way out.


For the past 10 years, I have been having sleep paralysis once in a while. Sometimes I sleep so much that my body becomes too relaxed and feels heavy and something forces me to go to sleep. But I still hear everything happening outside. Then I would see something demonic trying to attack me.

These days, I feel like something is pressing my chest. Last night I woke up about 3 a.m. and was unable to go back to sleep. So I stayed awake and I could hear humming voices in my ear and suddenly I was paralyzed and something with wings was approaching me. I said to myself it won’t harm me. Then I felt like I was rising up, and I let it happen. I could feel that I was flying. I turned around but I couldn’t find my body on the bed. I got scared and I came back. Then I saw two cute looking creatures (one looked like a teddy bear and another was a little mongoose) entering the room. I didn’t look into their faces initially then I took the courage and looked. They were smiling so I became relaxed. Then it started becoming unclear and I could hear some faint voices and then I came back to full consciousness and was awake on the bed.


I have been having out-of-body experiences for many years. At first, they occurred during sleep in the early hours, 3 -5 a.m. I was not aware of the vibrations, only the paralysis after. I occasionally saw a blue/silver shimmering figure in the room. My wife has also seen it and watched it leaning over me doing something with its hands near me. It relaxed her and she ignored it and went back to sleep.

Since that time I have been experiencing more OBEs. One morning, I had a lie in and at about 8:30 a.m., I felt the electrical buzz and intense vibrations through my head and body, and it scared the hell out of me. I remember thinking I had something wrong with my brain! Anyhow, this continued over time as did the OBEs, but it was always while I was asleep and not conscious of what was happening. I would remember flying over familiar places and on one occasion I witnessed a sort of island that was packed with people beckoning me for help (like lost souls?) This type of thing continued for a few years.

In 2011 I damaged my back from too much weight training (bodybuilding). I spent a few weeks recovering in bed, but the recovery was slow, and the physio could do little to help, so I decided to visit a hypnotherapist to help my locked back muscles relax and start the healing of my popped disc (this worked like magic!) Anyhow, we started talking, and I mentioned the vibrations and OBEs. He was very excited and a little jealous. Apparently, he had been trying to induce OBE for a long time with no signs whatsoever. He gave me some books to read on the subject which was great since it helped pass some time while I recovered.

Part of the hypnotherapy involved a deep trance-like state of relaxation, and this turned out to be the trigger for many OBE’s. I would often doze off to find myself floating near the ceiling. I then read a book that explained what was happening to me and how I could control it through my thoughts. Soon I learned how to relax and induce OBE’s by chanting things while awake but relaxed. As I dozed I would repeat over and over, ''I vibrate and go out of body now.’’ I was telling my subconscious that this was my goal and then it happened. I had my first fully conscious self-induced OBE. At first, it was difficult to get myself to separate cleanly, so I imagined myself rolling over and falling out of bed, which worked a treat to pull myself out of my body. I was instantly, completely aware of what I was doing.

Now I also knew from a book that our actions and circumstances are controlled through our thoughts. I remember it was quite dark and then thinking. “Wow. It is really dark here” and then it all went even darker. I then had a vague thought that it was raining, which made me think, “It’s raining,” and then it was instantly hammering down with rain! These experiences were as real in my OBE as they are in our physical existence. I could actually feel the rain on my skin as if I were standing outside in the rain at night naked!

This was very different from the previous OBE’s that occurred during sleep; these were more dreamlike. I remembered to ask for clarity then and my whole scene lit up in a golden yellow color. I was vaguely aware of thinking I could see an animal of some sort, and the next instant, I was staring at what looked like a large dinosaur of some sort, set in a golden yellow scene. Then I was face to face with two beautiful large green piercing cat's eyes. A few months earlier, our cat became ill and died. This was very upsetting for my wife and me, which must have created some sort of spiritual link that attracted me to our deceased pet during OBE. He was face to face with me, just looking right into my eyes. I tried to prolong the OBE but I must have lost focus and shot back into my body.

I have since learned a lot about this type of experience and now realize that at some level I am being guided in a certain direction. I have even started training to become a solution focused hypnotherapist as a means of further self-development (and to help others through life).

I now know with complete certainty that we have a soul which continues to exist after our physical body is spent. I have experienced too many profound things to ignore this calling. I feel someone is guiding my wife and myself in a certain direction which needs to be explored. Strangely enough, about 23 years ago, while at an all-time low just before we met, my wife took a trip to her local church (to this day she does not know what drove her to do so since neither of us are religious in any way). An elderly woman stopped and spoke to my wife and said, “Cheer up. It will all work out. You will soon meet a man called Mark (my name !), he will be your soul mate, your future will be golden (so far we have both enjoyed 20 years of pure joy and blissful happiness in every possible way) and you will both end up doing something along the lines of this in the future!” We are both into health, fitness, yoga and relaxation techniques and now we are both training to become hypnotherapists to learn more about ourselves and to help others along the way. Could this all have been coincidence? Who knows?

One other thing to mention is that my body now appears to vibrate differently than it did a few years ago. Just thinking about inducing an OBE can cause my body to start vibrating from head to toe. It appears that I am now permanently closer to the required vibrational state to separate. This, I feel, may be due to subconscious changes that have occurred, possibly from the unknown night time visitor that appeared at my bedside on occasion. This is covered in a book I read that suggests it's fairly common and often reported. It may be a spiritual guide adjusting our internal working to allow us to develop in a certain way. I daresay I will never have all the answers, but nonetheless, it has allowed me to redirect my life in a very positive direction.


I had an out of body experience before where I'm being dragged across the room and stuff and it was scary until someone said I had control over it. The first time I said this in an out of body experience, I immediately was back in bed with this energy figure standing over me. It was like an indigo color. Then I look up and I see my face looking back down at me. She takes my hands and puts blue energy into them, then places them on my head.

I haven't had another experience until now. I was just being dragged off the bed again and I said enough. I have control. Long story short, back in bed and my hands have blue energy around them except the ring finger of both hands, which was green, and I was waving my hands over my body. I'm extremely curious what this blue color means because it seems to be my hands were the main focus as well as the color.


A few days ago, it was a rainy night and I woke up about 4 a.m. I switched on the ipod player and listened to the "Dreamland" album then got back to sleep. In a semi-awake statem I felt myself become weightless. I heard whispering voices from the speakers and the music I was listening to. As I felt the lightness of my body, I told myself to go visiting my favorite band in L.A. I repeated to myself the band's name over and over until I flew into the mirror (there is actually a mirror in my bedroom). I saw a man. I approached him, grabbed his arms, then used my fingers to press his face. A second after, I saw his face was transforming into a very unfriendly figure that scared me away. I got back to my body immediately. I forced myself to wake up, because the whispering voices coming out from the speakers made me very uncomfortable. After a few attempts, I woke up successfully, but still I could hear those whispering voices between the two men. I got up and switched off the music and powered off the speakers, then went back to sleep.

Suddenly, I heard a very loud and clear, but kind of digital-delayed or digital-distorted voice inside my head. The voice said, "Twenty four years one point zero.” Then it faded away. I was so uncomfortable hearing that. That kind of delayed and distorted voice appeared once in my out-of-body experiences. Before, it was a female digital voice and now it was a male digital voice. Both of these experiences were very different in their content; the only thing in common was that the voice was digital with some kind of delay effect or reverb. Also, the voice appeared inside my head and not in the front or back, or left or right. That scared me! I have never heard voices inside my head but only in these two out-of-body experiences.

After the digital voice saying, "Twenty four years one point zero" faded away, I heard other human voices talking to each other near me. I didn't know what they were talking about. All I wanted to do was to wake up. I forced myself to wake up. Then, I realized before I was having a false awakening. I didn't actually wake up and switch off the music, because it was still playing.

Has anyone had a similar experience of hearing this kind of digital-delayed or distorted voice in the head during an out of body experience? I'm scared.


I had what I believe was an out of body experience once.

My foster sister/friend wanted me to mess with a ouija board (which I didn't believe in) but after a few minutes I suddenly saw myself floating and looking down on my body. I felt like a bucket of freezing water was being poured over my head, then I was back in my body again and I looked into my friend's eyes and saw what looked like pure dark evil in them.

I felt like I was frozen. I couldn't get my body to move. A motorcycle going by our house snapped me out of it and I really freaked out. The whole incident felt like hours, but really was only about five or six minutes.

My mom called me shortly after saying she had felt something was wrong. I am no expert on the subject, but it seems that I unintentionally went into a deep meditative state of mind and saw what was truly in my friend's heart. Over the years I have watched and she did have a deep self hatred/hatred of her family in her.


This is all OBE. I've had many of them, and I'm just now recently getting used to it all.

But my OBE consist of me going into what I call "Space" and I'm spinning around at an incredible speed. It used to feel like demons were pushing on my chest, then I came across the understanding that they don't exist.

When you see a black figure, or any type of figure, it is another being, but it isn't as negative as you feel it to be. It could be another human, or even something non-human dreaming, or have an OBE just as we do, frightened, or even malicious from it's own understanding, but it can never hurt your soul, for your soul is all-knowing, and love, as with that soul.

There's a way to not be afraid. Simply change the way you're thinking of the matter. If you fear something in this OBE, let go of the fear, and love it. Follow it. Tell it it's welcome. What you resist persists, what you look at disappears.

Know that soul is with you. Do not resist it, or it will just keep appearing in the negative manner of which many of you are describing.


I had an experience when I was asleep. I came out of my body, floated to the ceiling and looked down on myself fast asleep. The strangest thing I experienced, though, was white webbing in my eyes as I looked around?. I sharply went back into my body and woke up in the position I saw myself sleeping in. Can anyone help me out with this?


I have woken up twice this week and saw numbers and letters all over the ceiling and doors. I was definitely awake because I grabbed my phone and took a picture. The picture is dark, though!

I'm not sure if I am seeing source code or algebra equations but it is quite perplexing either way! I'm just going to wake someone up next time, because I'm sure they will see it too. The only thing most people these days would just see it and say, "wow what a trip. I have no idea what that is" and go on with their day! Sigh.


@anon160918, Post 29: I've been trying to read up on the "white space" you referred to. I'm having a hard time trying to research it, I've searched white space, third realm but cannot find anything on it. Do you still have the material on it and can maybe post a link, or title of the book?


I've had lots of OBE's where I can see my roof, then jump and I'm able to go higher and higher until I can fly away. I cannot remember everything, but the details are quite highly visible. Once I wake up, I have the feeling of falling and my heart beats like a drum in my chest.

Once I had this projection in which I could hear a voice telling me the following, "All the information about everything is locked up within your soul. Find the key to unlock the access to your hidden information within your soul, and you shall be free." When I came to, I had this strange feeling of another presence in the same room. I felt like I was missing someone or something but I just couldn't know what it was.

Since then, I've tried desperately through meditation and intensive thinking what that key might be, since I am sure we are kept away from a secret about ourselves and our true origins in this universe.

I really would like to know if anyone else had a similar experience.


I have astrally projected numerous times throughout my life. It started as a young child and I could do it at will. I loved (love) it. When I was in my 30's, I learned that one of my brothers had recently had AP experiences and that my mother had at least one.

Now I am in my early 50's. Last night I had the most terrifying experience I have ever had. It was actually quite early, only about 10:30 or so and I had just fallen asleep.

Suddenly, I was in the bedroom I slept in as a child (same house as I currently live in) hovering just above where my old bed was. It was very dark and I could sense where was something very, very dark and evil in the room and they were trying to take me. I was trying to make my body very heavy so they couldn't and crying no, no, no.

Suddenly, I was pulled outside the house, quicker than I can explain. I was hovering, still on my back, at the back screen door. I could look down my body and was trying to grab/hold onto the screen door with my toes. I was absolutely terrified! They were pulling so hard at me, at my head and shoulders (couldn't actually see or feel hands per se, more like just very negative and evil energy). I screamed, terrified, “Help me! No, no, no!” because if they were able to take me, I knew that I would really be gone. Then my son and daughter-in-law were in my bedroom, light on, yelling to wake up, shaking me. I was really screaming so loud they heard me downstairs and thought someone was attacking me! ~Sally, Massachusetts, USA


One time I was in a near boating roll over where the jet boat hydroplaned sideways and made a very abrupt stop on a gravel bar. In that moment, I had the sensation that I was outside the boat, lying on the river bed watching the boat sailing sideways over top of me. It happened in a flash and then the boat stopped and I was sitting there shaken up, but otherwise unharmed. It was a very weird feeling.


@anon138542, Post 25: I have had something similar but not exactly the same happen. In my case, it was nighttime and was silhouetted as a man when a sourceless flash of light illuminated my room. It attacked me, choking me and as I swung my fists, my arms passed right through it.

The thing about "seeing" these kinds of things is they are not physical matter and they are so foreign our minds have no point of reference and so the mind fills in the blanks as best it can. This is why some people see demons, some people see dark figures, some see shapeless blobs, animals, shimmering figures, etc.

The best way I have found of coping with these things is to periodically visualize I have a light in my stomach bright and white like fire, then one in my chest, groin, neck and forehead. I say to myself this is my power, light and fire, and the power of all who love me. I visualize some of these people and this same power connecting us like lacework. Then I visualize the balls of light growing in me, connecting until they are one ball of light, and I feel it and force it to enlarge until the light is bigger than I am, and bigger than the room I am in.

If there are others in the house, I think of pulling them in, making the ball big enough -- bigger than the house. Then I think and, if necessary, say aloud, "This is mine, these are mine, my house, my castle, my love not yours you are nothing, you are dust. Leave now." This practice I have found keeps them at first just at bay then over time they will leave all together.


@anon227585, Post 34, also post 32 anon205974 might find this interesting.

I understand what you are experiencing. The best way I found to cope with the problem is to remember when you can't wake yourself up and feel under attack, don't try to wake up. Try to fall deeper asleep. Try listening to progressive muscle relaxation tapes or CDs when you go to bed. The sensation of dragging, feeling under attack, pressure on your chest, being held down or choked- there are different schools of thought for what you are experiencing some people would call it night terrors.

Personally, I think you have picked up what I call a leech. They are not human and never were. They are jealous of the life you have and so they torment you. They normally have very little power unless you are in that state between asleep and awake. They are good at keeping you from waking but they can't keep you from falling into a deeper sleep. The more you avoid them this way the less they will bother you.

As for the rest, it sounds to me like a standard out of body experience. Most likely, you are remembering those episodes more often because you haven't been getting deep sleep. Don't panic; it is as normal as dreaming. Once you stop seeing the experience as strange, it won't seem so scary.


I have been AP for years, I believe. I would like to know if it's a common occurrence to see things clearly, like room items and people who walk in the room when my eyes are closed. On rare occasions, I see repetitive bright patterns usually arrows. I often wake up startled, as I hear what sounds like a large window smashing or a loud bang. This unfortunately happens at least once a month, and scares the wits out of me.

I often feel like electricity is humming through my body. I can make it happen while awake too. I can best describe it like waves of low constant electricity surging through my body each wave gets stronger but I always stop myself.

One AP experience terrified me. I saw what I can only describe as a demon of some sort. I don't wish to go into detail but it was evil. I'm not even sure if it was a figment if my imagination or not, don't care and don't wish to know. Question: can anyone else make the waves of electricity come while awake? What is this? Answers would help me to finally understand if all this is normal or I'm nutso.


A lady at work told me about astral projecting. I was a skeptic and was curious. I got home, laid down and right before sleep I remember my whole body feeling tingly. I was in a paralyzed state and kind of panicked. I don't think I was quite conscious but I wasn't fully asleep.

I remember lying there and also hearing a buzzing/humming noise like someone trying to tune into a radio station. My senses were so fine tuned, I remember hearing cars outside as if they were driving six inches away from me. I was panicking and prayed to snap out of it. If I ever try this again, I will definitely do my research to know what to expect.


I also had an AT experience twice. First, I slept and dreamed that I was sleep walking, as if it's not me. Then I woke up standing and doing nothing.

Second, I was sleeping and then I dreamed that I was sleeping then I saw that my body was moving at the edge of the bed. When I woke up I had already fallen, but my hands were on the floor, breaking my fall.


I have watched my whole life from the beginning to the time I left, but I never knew it was me I was watching. I just remember looking down and watching this person's life. I remember thinking that the person I was watching was not leading a true life and was not a particle a good person, and it left me feeling very shocked upset and totally confused.

That was my first time, and the next few times it was more like I had been taken over. Two friends were with me the last time, which only happened a couple of weeks ago, and they said I acted like I was a wolf. I don't remember any of it except for feeling scared and confused when I came out of it. I thought I was losing my mind. I even could hear myself talking, but it wasn't me -- just my voice and body. It was very confusing and very scary. Wish I could understand it better.


I don't know if I had some sort of condition, but whenever I sleep in my bed, I always feel like I've been dragged someplace. I have nightmares everyday of dying and sometimes I'm falling. Whenever I go to sleep and I'm in my early stages, I see flashes of my parent's rooms. I wake up and I just see my bedroom wall, but it's really hard to wake up though. Before I wake up, I see the same visions again but I'm in my parent's room, watching them. Sometimes I'm sleeping on a bed or sometimes I'm watching them silently.

My sister had similar things happen but it wasn't that bad. I think it's my room; however it now happens when I'm sleeping anywhere. This is so confusing.


Okay, so I've tried astral projection for about three months now -- unsuccessfully. But last night, I took four valerian root capsules about an hour before I lay down, to help me sleep, and what seemed like only moments after I closed my eyes, I was in a deep state, as if I had fallen asleep and woke up in sleep paralysis, only I didn't have time to sleep yet -- I had just closed my eyes.

Seeing my wall, I panicked and open my eyes. Then after a few seconds, I closed them again and tried to get some sleep. Before I knew it, I was looking at my wall again through my closed eyelids (I was lying on my side). Thinking this may be a precursor to actually APing I imagined moving towards the wall a little to see if I could detach from my body. The moment I even thought of moving, a massive wave of almost too intense vibrations shot through my body.

I tried to stop thinking of moving to make the vibrations calm down or stop, but they only calmed a little. I then decided that I did not want to AP at that time and tried to open my eyes. But I almost could not; it was like I was in deep trance with the vibrations and could not stop them, so, out of panic, I absolutely forced myself to open my eyes by attempting to burst them wide open and sit up (I tried as hard as i literally could in one big movement). Luckily it worked and I was able to open them. After a short while I calmed down and went to sleep this time (actual sleep) only to end up in a terrifying lucid dream which I forced myself to wake from several times, only to slip back into the same dream. Last night was definitely strange.


I woke up and could not move/speak, but felt something getting off the bed and as I felt the mattress move upwards.

Then I saw something clinging to the wall, through a dim night lite. It jumped across the bed and

me and landed on a chair on the opposite side of the room. I was finally able to move and heard

some noise under the chair. I turned the light on on my night stand and was surprised when I saw that my cat was hissing at the chair and he looked like had gained 10 pounds of weight because his hair was straight out. He growled at the chair for several minutes. I realized then I had not seen something that wasn't there, unless someone is going to try to tell me that my cat was having the same dream as me (to which I will reply rubbish!)

This was an extremely strange experience and having a witness tells me something else was going on!


Should this be confusing: I've been interested in AP for a while, but I never have time to do it. So I tried it tonight. It only lasted about 30 - 40 minutes, I guess.

I wasn't sure if anything was happening. I felt asleep, but wasn't tired or asleep at all, which is what I was told was part of it. And I kept my mind on leaving my body, but I felt like nothing was happening, still. But then, aware of things around me, I started seeing things in different rooms. At one point, it was pure darkness, but like I was up at the ceiling, looking at some birthday cards and the clock above my wall unit, which I was lying in front of. I kept seeing this.

Then I saw the top of the doorway I was lying next to. Then at another point, it was like I was standing at the end of my staircase and drifting up the side of it, because that's exactly what it was. Then it returned to the wall unit and doorway, and I kept wondering in a distant voice/thought, "Is this even AP? Am I actually leaving my body right now, what is going on?" And I had that tingly feeling yet I was freezing the entire time, when originally, my body was quite hot when I lay down.

When I told myself "This isn't working, I need to get up now," I was still feeling "gone", but still confused, and was trying to go back, but then I suddenly felt like I was really light and had full freedom, and so I stopped myself from trying to return and I felt tears forming, as I saw a sheet of a black glass-likeness in front of my eyes and nothing but peace. And it was cool.

But then I returned, and very slowly went back, then my eyes shot open, and it looked like the ceiling had just gone up. And I swear, my body was as cold as ice. I couldn't stop shivering! I have a thick double-sided sweatshirt-jacket on, and a blanket and I'm still shivering and tingly and my heart rate is really slow.

So what was this? I surely wasn't asleep.


I've seen myself asleep and out of my body a few times already in the past 15 years. The first time it happened was when I took an afternoon nap, and later on I was wondering why I standing beside my bed, when I looked up I saw myself sleeping in exactly the same clothes I was standing in, and in the same exact afternoon, I looked around and it was the same room I was in. I was watching myself sleep. Then I got scared after taking a close look at my face. I was lying on my left side but it didn't seem like I was breathing at all. My face looked peaceful but I was breathing. I panicked and everything turned black. The next thing I remember was I was lying down, looking up at the ceiling and trying to shout "help me" but my mouth was so heavy I couldn't even open it, and it was so hard to move. I couldn't move any part of my body, it was so heavy and numb. The next thing I could see, I was reaching out my right arm and hand to grab my companion about an arm's length away from me, but my hand kept going through him! I still don't understand why that was happening, so then I started to shout again, this time louder.

I wanted to wake up. then I could feel it was getting cold and I still kept shouting until my fiance heard me moaning. I could hear his voice calling me but it sounded so far away. He kept calling me and I could feel him shaking me asking me to wake up. The moment I felt something shaking me, I opened my eyes to the same scenery: afternoon, same clothes, same bed, same room, but I was breathing, and that's when I knew I was finally awake then I told my fiance what I saw. How can one see herself sleeping in the same exact clothes and scenery? I just thought it was a bad dream.

A few years after, I had the same experience again. It was the same bed, same location, same position and same time -- afternoon! And this time, I saw myself floating above my sleeping body but I was facing my own body. It was like looking into a mirror except I was looking at myself and my eyes were closed. I was floating above myself – like two feet above myself. This time I was sleeping beside my daughter. She heard me moan and according to her, I was trying to move my lips or seemingly open my mouth and both hands were in fists so tight I couldn't move. I could hear her shouting, "Mama, wake up!” so many times and she kept shaking my right arm. I woke up, grasping my breath, I felt so tired.

A few years after that, I had the same experience again! I was in the same room, in the same bed, in the same location and in the same position but this time I was sort of like "asleep but awake within myself," meaning I was sleeping but I could see the ceiling and this time there was something around me. I could sense it but couldn't really see it, because I couldn't turn my head. Someone was calling me to come with him. I remember he said, "Come with me now, let's go,” and I saw a dark black, shiny hand and arm reach out to me. He was shiny black like charcoal black. It was hazy, and he was hazy, tall, bald and slim, but his skin was like black shiny sand. He kept saying, "let's go now" and I said I'm not going anywhere with you, I'm staying, but I was afraid. He wasn't scary at all, he was just asking me to come with him. and i wouldn't. The next thing I know, I woke up and I thought it was just a bad dream. but it felt so real.

Just two weeks ago I had another experience, same room, same location, same bed, but it happened at 4 a.m. I saw myself asleep but awake, but this time a saw a tall, dark lady with a seemingly black ribbon (I really don't know if it was a black ribbon or part of her hair). She was all black, about two meters tall, with slim arms and black, sandy, shiny skin, all black but hazy. She was trying to enter the bedroom door but I could see through the door, so this time I was just watching. Then I felt my daughter shaking me again to wake up because I was moaning again, this time louder. I woke up in a cold sweat. I sat up and told my daughter what I saw.

Can someone be kind enough to explain what this could be? I am searching for someone to help me understand what this is. I hope someone can help people with this kind of experiences. And can someone explain why I have been waking up at 3:10 a.m. or 3:15 a.m. for the past 28 years (I'm turning 39 this year) I once had a blackout when I was biking one afternoon when I was 10 years old. The second blackout I had was in 2008 while eating breakfast. Anyway, anyone please let me know if there is anyone I could talk to about this. It doesn't matter if I have to go around the globe to get answers. Thank you. -mnl4672


i closed my eyes, then what felt like a moment later, i opened them and it was morning. The next night i thought about what happened while trying to fall asleep and the next thing i know, i felt like i was dropping endlessly. i have felt this when i was little. i usually scare myself awake but i somehow managed to go with it and then when i was comfortable the feeling went away and i found myself floating in sparkling space, then everything went white. I felt my soul heal and i felt "born again." i felt like i never ever wanted to leave this place.

after a while i slowly faded into a dream and when i awoke i recalled this moment and it felt as if my perception had changed severely. I have read up on this "white place" and apparently, it is the third realm of the astral plane or something, but i have never astral projected in my life i have no experience with this and it says you need to be practiced and familiar with things to reach that place. is this uncommon?


#21 - you said that your feet started tingling and you felt like you were being sucked into the sky. The same thing happens to me and it happens somewhat often. I meditate often and I can easily fall into a "trance" like state but this was something I never experienced before. It was right before I went to bed or right when I woke up it felt as though I was being sucked into a vacuum in the sky everything seemed to look blue to me. I panicked and immediately tried to open my eyes but it felt as though I couldn't no matter how hard I struggled.

This has happened to me several times. I blamed night terrors. One evening I had gotten done hanging out with my next door neighbor and it was late. I went to bed and this same thing happened to me but I had been so tired I didn't struggle to get out of it. Chillingly, the next thing I remember was being in my friend's room everything just seemed kind of eerie to me. Then I snapped out of it.


I have tried so many methods of astral projecting off of so many tips on the web. There's only one i had in my lifetime that was natural and it was me lying in bed meditating before sleep and I felt like i went deeper into a "relaxed state."

At that point. I felt i realized that i wasn't tired anymore. My body felt asleep and my head was fully awake and alert. Ever since then, I have not been able to induce that experience again without help. And i read just about every search under astral projection looking to experience this amazing phenomenon again, but to no avail.

Then i was just browsing the web and i stumbled upon what appeared to be just some more scam material with a good product, I had a good gut instinct about the product (after many reviews) so I went with it and purchased the product. I highly recommend this product to only people who are having troubles having Astral projecting or cannot do it consistently, mainly because if you can master ap without it, then more power to you but either way it answers just about every question i had and or could have thought of having. Best of luck to everyone. --Colton


I have been reading about astral travel for a few years now. I got out once and floated near the ceiling, but I went back into my body a few seconds later.

Last night I was trying but when I felt myself about to leave I stopped because I got scared. I don't believe astral travel is a "dream", or anything which makes it out not to be real. The experience is very real.


The other night I was sleeping on my back. I then opened my eyes and was aware of my husband in my kids room, and I was aware of the conversation going on. I wanted to say something about the conversation but I could not move or speak.

My eyes were focused on something clear and tall standing in front of my window. This was morning so whatever I had seen was translucent and hovering close to my bed.

My mouth opened, and I could hear and feel my soul being sucked out of my body. It felt like my body was being deflated, and I could feel a tear escape from my right eye. I was scared and hoping that I would not die this way.

This whole experience ended the minute my husband came into my room. I had told him about it, and I knew he thought I was dreaming. I have had astral projection happened to me before in my past and a few months ago, but this was totally different.

If someone has experienced this or can explain it please reply on this site. Thank you!


My daughter was telling me that while she was sleeping at night, she heard a voice calling her and asking her how her dad was, and had not seen him in a while and wanted to pay a visit, but only when the weather got a little bit cooler. She told him, "Oh, you know dad he is still working and on the weekends he works around the yard and bar-b-ques, he is never still."

She kept asking who was he, and he finally answered that to tell her dad that he was his friend from San Jose, Ca. Now, my brother and my husband were close and had a lot in common because they were both in the car business, but we always lived in Texas and he lived in San Jose, Ca.

Before my daughter woke up she felt a quivering or shaking inside her body, but when she awoke she was still,and not afraid. What is this? What happened? Please explain.


after working a night shift i went to bed. My husband had gone out with the three kids; it was a sunday morning. I went to bed and was dreaming. i then came out of the dream as i thought i heard my two youngest children talking on the landing.

i sensed who i thought was my little girl come in the room i was expecting her to say, "wake up mummy" but nothing was said. I sensed something come around the bed to the side of me where i was expecting a tap on the shoulder but what i experienced was nothing i have ever experienced before. It felt like a big bubble came underneath my left hip up my back and under my shoulder i felt my shoulder lift up. I then sensed myself come out of the bed as if being lifted out and i floated, still lying down on my back, towards the window.

I still had my eyes shut but i knew where i was. i could still feel the bed beneath me and the covers around me. Then at great speed, faster then anything humanly possible, i went up to the ceiling, still on my back, into a bright void where there was nothing around me.

I then opened my eyes and i was back in my bed. At first i did not believe it but then it dawned on me what just happened and i was very scared and emotional. Please can you give me some answers as i feel very disturbed by this and do not want it to happen again.


i was lying down on my bed about to fall asleep until my feet start tingling and a loud humming is in my head. i try to open my eyes but i am not able to. i get scared then i feel like I'm getting sucked into the sky and going great distances. the reason i was scared was because if i wasn't able to get back to my body would i return to my physical body?


At the beginning of the year I had the experience when I woke up that I couldn't move, my "soul" was talking. I was wondering why I couldn't move. I didn't try to sit up or anything. I felt like someone was in the room with me. I couldn't open my eyes. I felt really really heavy. It was terrifying!

Then, a few days ago, I got the same exact feeling again, really heavy I was going to sleep though I heard everything around me, like I hadn't fallen asleep. My two year old daughter was lying near me, some of her on top of me. I heard a women talk, but I was too tired to care. I felt like someone else was in the room too, but not in the physical sense. So then I decided to try to sit up if I was awake.

So i pulled and pulled and finally sat up, I turned to push my daughter over off of me, (I still felt her on top of me even though I sat up) and I went through her. I realized that I had sat up from my body, and when I moved, the vibrations in my body were crazy! Everything was moving at this weird speed that I can't explain. I didn't hear any loud whirling noises or anything, though.

All of a sudden I started freaking out. My soul was shouting, "wake up wake up wake up!" I laid back into my body and tried to sit up, but I felt really heavy again and intense fear. So I finally got back up, and I looked around then at my arms again, which were not solid, it was like, energy. I laid back into my body two more times before I finally really sat back up with my body. It was extremely exciting and cool but scary too. I want to try to do it again without fear.


When I was in my 20's, I was learning breathing techniques for relaxation purposes. I got to the point of actually being able to hear and feel my own heartbeat, by taking deep breaths and exhaling through my mouth slowly in a controlled release that I actually could slow my heartbeat to a very minimum.

Well anyway, after work one day, I lay down on my waterbed, slowly took a few breaths or more and fell off to sleep. All I remember is looking down towards the front of my house. I saw a car pulling up, and as the person got out I knew who it was and I got up out of bed, and proceeded to the door to greet my friend. As I opened the door he was standing there and he said hey, saw me coming huh? and I said yes, we talked about something and he left.

This all took place close to midnight. As I went back to lie down I kept wondering how I saw my friend coming. It was as if I was floating looking down towards the front of my house area. After many months of contemplating I finally have accepted that I had an OBE (out of body experience) and since then I have had some other experiences which, to me, confirm that I can do this.

I have tried to reach that point via meditation with no luck so far. I have purchased a book on chakra and meditation and will try to tap into this astral phenomena so that I can control it at will. Right now it's sporadic, so wish me luck.


I'm just wondering if anyone has had an experience like mine, of passing through someone. When I was very young, I had just learned about God and spirits and such, and was lying in bed thinking that if I was a spirit that would go to heaven when my body died, couldn't I leave my body while it's still alive? I tried, and I did, easy as that.

I floated up to the ceiling and had to fight to stay down. I wanted to show my mother, who was in the kitchen, and proceeded to float through the house. It was kind of a combo between "swimming" and navigating by will alone. It felt very cool and was really interesting having this new point of view of the place, from way high up.

Found my mother standing at the stove, and she was arguing with my father who was sitting at the table. I tried to attract their attention, but they obviously couldn't see or hear me and I realized I was invisible. So, I thought I would get my mother's attention (I was really excited and wanted to share this experience so badly) by passing through her. Big mistake. Never try this. It was the most disgusting, scary, dark, heavy feeling you can imagine. It felt like I was stuck in tar (I was passing through her stomach area) and had to "swim" with all my strength to get out the other side.

She was still yelling at my dad. I don't remember going back to my body. I'll tell you, I never looked at my mother the same way again, and as I got older learned that she was a very emotionally disturbed woman. Also I'm too afraid to ever try projecting again because of that long-ago experience. Too bad, because before I passed through her, it felt better than anything else.

What the heck? Is it always like that if you try to pass through someone or only if they are unhappy/disturbed?


I'm trying to work out if I am almost astrally projecting or not.

Occasionally (every few months or so), if I have overslept or slept during the day I half wake up and struggle to wake up fully. My eyes are still shut and my body is paralyzed, I can't scream, can't move, can't cry for help. It's almost like I can see through closed eyelids, but it's blurry and a little dark still.

When I try to wake up and open my eyes, to come to full consciousness I get this intense rushing noise in my ears, like roaring wind and it takes all of my strength to force past it and wake up. I often describe it as feeling like I'm being sucked into unconsciousness. It's horrible and makes me feel a little queasy/sea sick.

Could this be that I'm in my ethereal body and haven't quite slipped into either my physical or astral body? Seems quite strange. I'm a healthy person, no physical or mental complaints at all.


I'm interested to learn that Dr. Tart created this organization, to further collate information on scientists' personal experiences with astral projection.

For myself: I had astral projections through childhood, junior high and in high school. I had my last proper projection in college, and it felt very intense. I kept my experiences a secret for a while, and then met others (through IRC chat channels) that had the name for my experience, and I learned I was not the only one experiencing this.

The main part of my projection has always been the sensation of separating, and realizing that I am bigger than the human I am currently "playing", and that I am just in this role for the moment. I could bring myself back, but could not yet control when I'd start separating. Sometimes I could fend it off, is all. While I no longer project, I do occasionally separate, still. I hope that serious forums for discussion of these topics will prosper.


Humming and roaring in your head is from sleep paralysis - when you float or roll out of your body this is an astral projection. Most of the comments below are from people who have projected.

I project every time I have a nap. I projected only this afternoon. I was having a nap and had massive vibrations in my body and mind which comes from sleep paralysis (your body paralyzes while you are asleep so that you don't act out your dreams). I couldn't move and heard someone walking around the room so I rolled over (though I was paralyzed) and tried to grab what ever was walking past me - as I rolled over to grab I realized the reason I could grab was because I had just projected out of my body.

I got up and walked around the room - still with the massive vibrations tingling through my body. I then decided i wanted to float around the room and so i did. I then thought "I better go back to my body now." I lay back down on myself and the sleep paralysis disappeared and I was able to "wake up."

It is more than just a dream.

I have enjoyed astral projection nearly every week for months now. I am no longer scared and am experimenting with it more and more.

I dream every night, vivid dreams, have slight telepathy in dreams. I have lucid dreams, but my astral experiences are very different.

So to the comment below mine: It is your opinion to suggest that most of these comments are only having "freaky" dreams (I have had very "freaky" dreams all my life and can distinguish them), but if you haven't been though what we have then you may not know at all bout astral projection, which is travel to the astral plane. You sound as if you are doing more than astral travel.

The astral realm is where we all go, all of us, at night when we sleep!


I have read some of these experiences people have written. I would say 99 percent are dreams gone freaky and the other one percent may be of demon influence.

I have astral projected for my whole life and can do it on call whenever I please. You can place something in a room on a table 100 miles away from me, tell me how to get the that address and I will travel there in my mind and tell what it is you left on the table, what color it is and who was with you when you left it and you can stand beside my bed the whole time as to know I physically had no way of knowing what it is you left.

One of the anon people who left a message stated that you need to be spiritually sound to do this. They are "very correct". I do not believe atheism is the safe mode of travel, as that person stated, though.

I am a very strong believer in God. The problem with going into that realm is you are opening yourself up/ inviting in not so nice things. You need to know who and what and where you are at all times. You need to be able to distinguish good from evil very clearly.

I would recommend that nobody try astral projecting unless you were born with the ability as I was. So if you fly in your dreams, stop it and go back to your bed and go back to sleep.


I've heard about this before from an ex of mine. I don't remember being outside of my body at all like the other posts on here describe. I do remember dreaming about a necklace. Then i opened my eyes, seemingly half awake, and a black shadow blocked my view of the light from my window.

I got scared because then i felt my body was paralyzed. I couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't do anything. My body felt like ice cold static. I then felt something push into me, going through my neck and stomach. It was like someone was pushing me deeper into myself. Then the shadow was gone and i could move again.

Would this be the end effect from an astral projection experience?


i have seen and found out things with AP that i could confirm as truth. the fact is the Astral police are the only reason we can even do it safely. AP is very dangerous if your not stable spiritually.

as an atheist i cannot deny the existence of the human and animal souls. sadly most humans do not have a human soul but merely a animal's soul. especially those stuck in religion (mythology), mythological gods and mythism (religion). the entities that live on the AP are good and bad. the so called gods are nothing more then deceptions and silliness that eat your energy.


I believe I have had an astral projection. I am almost asleep, then, I am floating up until I come up to the ceiling. But, I don't see my body below, I am just up towards the ceiling, just floating, and I kind of feel uncomfortable like I feel I need to get back down, or wondering if I will be able to get down. It lasts for a little while, then I wake up.


I am really looking for an answer to my experience. I'm falling asleep, not quite there yet. I'm still thinking of my day, I hear my boyfriend in the other room the tv and regular noises. I start feeling tingly and almost like i'm on a roller coaster. it's a peaceful feeling that soon turns scary. My head is ringing and it sound like I'm under a waterfall, my skin is crackling like static electricity and it feels like I'm raising off the bed. I can't explain it any other way but this; If you stuck your head out the window while driving, only reverse it from inside the body. The roller coaster feeling is insane and intense. It takes all my strength to pull back. In the moment I can't move or talk and it's horrifying! What would happen if I let go?

This is not the first time. So last night when it started again I thought I would just go with it, but I have never been so scared. I've been told it's astral projection. Anyone?


I need help explaining what happened to me last night. I heard a humming sound and high pitch random voices all over my head, as if there were 100 different TV news going on at the same time in my head. The scariest part was at the same time there is this magnetic shock or electrical sensation going through my head and zaps it again and again until my head spun into a dark tunnel. I was so frightened that I began to attempt to sit up but I couldn't because there is a magnetic cord pulling me behind my back and it was so difficult to break it. SO I lay back down in bed. I decided to roll to the side as far as I can when I fell off the bed. But I was in a floating position, so I attempted to stand up straight on the floor. I must say, it was shocking to me when I could not see my hand or legs. Basically, when I waved my hand in front of me all I could see was something like energy light in the shape of my hand but it was not solid. I could not touch my door knob, I don't know why. It was as if I was dissolving. Then I saw a strange looking girl I never met before stared at me in front of the door. I thought to myself, "Did someone break into my house?" I tried to run from her but she kept following me. She didn't do anything to me but somehow I was afraid of her. I tried to get back in bed but I was float walking forever so slow, then I saw myself laying there? At that time I was so frightened that I attempted to wake myself up. I tried moving my body, wiggle my toes, move my eyebrow but nothing work. I was stuck! I kept trying to move my body in a jerking motion little at a time for a long time before the girl could get closer. Then I finally succeeded. I woke up in a panic attack with my heart racing like crazy as if I just got done running a lap.


So last night i was like half asleep half awake and i was trying to wake myself up but i couldn't open my eyes or move any of my body and when i finally woke up i had to catch my breath. i was just wantin to know if that was astral projection or what happened because it really scared me.. but right before it happened i was dreaming and i had a dream and my dad was in it and i haven't talked to him in like over a month.

i don't really ever think about or talk to him very much and he never calls me if we talk but he called me this morning and i just thought it was weird that i had a dream about him and then he called me this morning.. Can you help me out?


could someone switch bodies, like, say, two sisters, and one wanted the other's body, so could they switch, even if the 1st say, killed the second? like, if 1 killed 2, but they weren't completely dead yet, could they switch, really quick, and just...fight to make it out alive? since the soul wouldn't technically be dead?


Most scientists would say no. But you're the only one who can define your experience. If you're not sure what to think, put it on the back burner. Often answers like this reveal themselves over time as more experiences accumulate through the years and past experiences are recalled and clarified through hindsight and growing awareness.


I had experience of someone's spirit came to me at 3 am while i was awake in bed. He pulled my hand and i heard him saying something. At another occasion, I had felt a spirit came to me and said something in small voices which I could barely hear. I want to know if that is astral projection of someone and if the person could talk to me. I asked that person in another country if he did astral project. HE said he didn't do such things but he was thinking of me at that moment. So, I want to know if my experiences were a result of someone's astral projection on me.

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    • Astral projection is an unproven phenomenon in which a person's consciousness temporarily leaves his body.
      By: Nikki Zalewski
      Astral projection is an unproven phenomenon in which a person's consciousness temporarily leaves his body.
    • In November 1991, the Associated Press reported the UN attempted to use psychic powers to help find possible biological weapons in Iraq.
      By: bogdanserban
      In November 1991, the Associated Press reported the UN attempted to use psychic powers to help find possible biological weapons in Iraq.
    • Astral projection can take place when meditating.
      By: petarpaunchev
      Astral projection can take place when meditating.
    • Stories of astral projection is often linked to near death experiences.
      By: Les Cunliffe
      Stories of astral projection is often linked to near death experiences.
    • General anesthesia has been known to cause out-of-body experiences.
      By: Minerva Studio
      General anesthesia has been known to cause out-of-body experiences.