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What Is an Anonymous Mask?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

An Anonymous mask is a type of mask typically worn by members of the Internet group "Anonymous" during public protests and demonstrations. It is basically a Guy Fawkes mask, and has been adopted by the group based primarily on its use in the comic book and film V for Vendetta. Though this mask was initially associated with the actions of Guy Fawkes, its adoption by members of Anonymous has come to associate it more recently with their activities.

The meaning behind an Anonymous mask is somewhat complex, but it should be understood in terms that are separate from the history of the mask itself. Basically, an Anonymous mask is the same in appearance to a Guy Fawkes mask. Guy Fawkes was a Catholic in the late 16th century who was one of several conspirators involved in an attempt to destroy the House of Lords and assassinate the king of England. This conspiracy failed, and Guy Fawkes was executed for his part in the attempt; his image has been burned in effigy in England ever since, in commemoration of his failing.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The way the celebration of the failed plot is carried out is by people creating a “Guy” using old clothes and rags and placing a Guy Fawkes mask upon it, then setting the “Guy” on fire. Artist David Lloyd used this mask for a comic book series written by Alan Moore titled V for Vendetta, in which it was worn by a revolutionary anarchist who plots to overthrow a tyrannical and oppressive fascist regime. The original Guy Fawkes was in support of destroying English power to allow the Catholic Church to claim control over Britain, while the character of “V” was intent on overthrowing corrupt power.

This distinction is important, as an Anonymous mask is not meant to imitate or indicate the beliefs of Guy Fawkes, but is more closely aligned with the character of “V.” Anonymous is a group of individuals who formed on the Internet and have utilized a variety of tactics, not all of which are legal, to protest actions and governments which they believe to be corrupt or oppressive. In keeping with this viewpoint, members of Anonymous have adopted the Anonymous mask as the way they keep their identities concealed during protests and public demonstrations.

The term “Anonymous,” as used by this group, comes from the idea that the Internet provides anonymity and allows people to remain protected from those who might seek to control them. An Anonymous mask extends this sense of anonymity beyond the Internet and into the physical world. Rather than utilizing random forms of facial covering, however, the use of a specific Anonymous mask not only protects the identities of members of Anonymous, but reinforces the idea of a single, collective organization of individuals with a unified identity that lacks finite definition.

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I think the Anonymous mask does also represent Guy Fawkes as he wanted to overthrow a tyrannical regime. By the way, the Anonymous mask looks a great deal like Guy Fawkes' face in reality.


I'm not sure to what degree the Anonymous mask provides anonymity. It does serve this purpose to a great extent online, although officials could technically track down who is doing what on the internet if they want to. As for wearing the masks during protests, it works for anonymity unless the person is caught and taken to a police station.

I think it's great to fight corrupt and oppressive regimes. I do respect the Anonymous group for this. However, I think they should keep their activities legal. I know for example that some members of the group engage in hacking, which is of course, illegal.


Thank you for this article. I had been wondering about the Anonymous mask for a while now. I know that the mask was called Anonymous and that it's associated with a group called Anonymous, but I didn't know what the group or the mask was about.

I first saw the Anonymous mask when I took a trip to Turkey in 2013. There were civil protests in the country and many of the protesters were wearing this mask. Those who follow world news must have seen pictures of it.

I couldn't make the connection between Guy Fawkes and Turkish protesters wearing the Anonymous mask. Now I understand that the Anonymous movement is about fighting oppression.


What is incredible is how often the Guy Fawkes mask still pops up in various protests. How's that for an enduring legacy? The "Anonymous" masks are just another in a long line of Guy Fawkes-derived masks used to protest various things over the years.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book