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Does Astrology Really Work?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Astrology is a popular part of many cultures. The main idea behind it is that planetary positions affect each individual's life and personality differently, depending upon the position of each planet at his or her birth. Astrologically, each planet in the solar system rules at least one of 12 zodiac signs. Specific traits are associated with each ruling planet and sign. Many people find some truth in the predictions of astrologers, while others assert that astrology simply doesn't work.

People who have the opinion that astrological predictions don't work have a strong point in their favor when they say that there is no conclusive evidence of it having ever “worked.” This is true; no astrologer's predictions or claims have been conclusively scientifically proven. Yet, at the same time, some of these naysayers admit that they see themselves strongly in at least some of the traits associated with their sign. There is also the argument that there are many phenomena that scientists haven't yet proven to be true, but perhaps someday will. Humans don't have knowledge of every detail of the solar system and have in reality only begun to explore some of the planets.

In astrology, the planets are said to rule the signs of the zodiac.
In astrology, the planets are said to rule the signs of the zodiac.

Some skeptics of astrology may oversimplify it if they don't understand that it's about more than just 12 signs alone. They may say it doesn't make any sense to believe that all human personalities fit neatly into 12 zodiac, or sun, signs. According to astrological basics, a person is most associated with the sign in which the sun was in at his or her birth. Yet, unless a natal chart shows where all of the other planets were at birth, the whole astrological story of a person's personality, strengths and weaknesses isn't being told. In this way, astrology is much more than just 12 sun signs.

Who interprets the meaning of a person's natal chart or how the current planetary positions affect everyone may or may not have a lot to do with the accuracy level of astrology. It's been revealed that some newspapers have had columnists just make up horoscopes, or forecasts based on astrological sun signs. In that case, there is hardly any likelihood of these predictions “working.” Yet, a person calling himself or herself an astrologer or astrologist who has a deep knowledge of the subject and does careful research before forming horoscope forecasts may also not be accurate. Many people have read astrological predictions from astrologers with good reputations who seem accurate some of the time, but not consistently; it's then difficult to analyze that as astrology “working” or “not working.”

It stands to reason, that in lieu of concrete, consistent evidence, a sensible position to take is not to run one's life according to astrology or judge others based on their astrological sign or natal chart. Yet, blind skepticism without understanding and considering astrological accuracies could also be considered something to avoid. If astrology is looked at as an entertaining assessment that may or may not give true insight into different personalities and their potential, then it may well have a workable place in people's lives.

Discussion Comments

As someone who knows how to run and interpret an Astrological Natal chart, I would say yes, astrology really works. Allow me to explain.

Taking into account what time someone was born, and in what sign other planets were in at that given time, date, or region, you can gather insight into someone’s personality. In order to accurately complete a natal chart, a time of birth is needed. However, you can still create a basic chart without time of birth. With these charts, you can get an idea about how someone may communicate, or how they may love others. This, of course, does not take into account how the person was raised.

It may not be an exact science, but it can be used as a helpful tool in getting a better read on someone.

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    • In astrology, the planets are said to rule the signs of the zodiac.
      By: Arid Ocean
      In astrology, the planets are said to rule the signs of the zodiac.