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Can I Find School Yearbooks Online?

Koren Allen
Koren Allen

School yearbooks for current and present years can often be found online. The easiest place to start your search for school yearbooks online is to contact your school directly to find out how to order a yearbook for the current year. Some schools will even offer you the option of making payments online, either through the school website or through the company contracted to print the yearbooks. If you are looking for older school yearbooks online, these are generally available in two ways. Yearbooks may be available in PDF format which you can view and print from your computer, or you may be able to find an old print copy for sale from an online reseller.

For finding current high school yearbooks online, ask at the school office if you can order online. You may need to obtain a student ID number and a school code before you place your order. Yearbooks can be customized with the student's name, as well as icons that reflect the student's activities and interests. The website may also offer additional accessories, such as an autograph book or a photo CD. After your order is complete, you will usually be able to pay all or part of the cost of the book from the same website.

Some schools have scanned all their old yearbooks into electronic format.
Some schools have scanned all their old yearbooks into electronic format.

If you are looking for old high school yearbooks online, many of them are available online for viewing and printing. Start by searching for the school and year you are looking for. Some schools have scanned all of their prior yearbooks into electronic format; some individuals have scanned and posted their own yearbooks for public use online. Searching for your school yearbooks online, in electronic format, is a good idea if you just want to relive memories, or find a particular picture without buying the entire book. High school yearbooks are often used by genealogists, so family history websites are another good option for finding old yearbooks in electronic format.

A printed yearbook.
A printed yearbook.

If you want to buy the whole book, there are a number of places you may be able to locate one. General auction and classified websites may have the book you are searching for, and many of these sites also have an area for buyers to post a request for a particular item. An internet search on "old high school yearbooks" will turn up several sites that specialize in finding old yearbooks for you. Another good place to search is the website for the local newspaper where you grew up; there is often a classified section where you may find your yearbook for sale. Finally, social networking sites are becoming a popular way to get back in touch with old school mates; you may be able to find a copy of your yearbook by talking to your old friends online.

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Some things cannot be replaced. A yearbook is one of them.


I have tried to find a free yearbook site and they all want money. I'm sick of that. It's false advertising.


Why do these sites appear on "free high school yearbooks" and when you go to the site you are told to sign up and then they tell you how much it will cost to their site. False advertisement, to say the least!


i sell old yearbooks online and have found that it is very hard to match the book to the person. However, you never know when it will be listed by someone, so keep looking!


CancerKicker, do a search online for "high school yearbooks". There was only one that had any yearbooks.


anon92087- Do you remember which website you ordered it from? I found more results for discussion forums than actual websites selling old yearbooks.

And I totally agree that you are not old. I am class of 1996 from Trevor Browne in Phoenix, Arizona.


I found mine through an online search.. It was on a yearbook site.

They had 91 years worth of UT yearbooks back to 1894 (I'm not that old, thank you). It was good to see some friends from back then. - UT class of 1976


I lost all of my high school yearbooks in a fire and although the signatures can't be replaced, I was hoping to get more copies to show my kids what mom and dad looked like when we were in high school. I do not remember who the printer of the yearbook was and the school has since changed companies. We do not live in our hometown and didn't K.I.T. (keep in touch) with our friends. Does anyone have any ideas? I was not able to find anything on EBay.


Yearbook committees keep past yearbooks on campus in storage. My senior year in high school I was in charge of filling replacement yearbook requests. Don't get discouraged and start with your high school 1st. You'd be surprised how many extra year books each high school orders.

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    • Some schools have scanned all their old yearbooks into electronic format.
      By: Victoria Ecoliere
      Some schools have scanned all their old yearbooks into electronic format.
    • A printed yearbook.
      By: Mike
      A printed yearbook.
    • A CD containing yearbook photos.
      By: kredo
      A CD containing yearbook photos.