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What Is the Longest English Word with Only One Vowel?

As all language learners know, English is full of idiosyncrasies. Unlike other languages that follow precise rules about spelling, the English language can seem like it has more exceptions than words that actually follow the rules. Occasionally, a word pops up that surprises even the most knowledgeable language buff. For example, you would probably expect a nine-letter word to have at least a couple of vowels, right? Actually, this isn’t the case. With eight of its nine letters being consonants, “strengths” is the longest English word with only one vowel.

Interestingly, there are many words in the English language that are full of consonants and only one vowel. Examples include “splash,” “wrench,” “girth,” “ghost,” “splotch,” “jolly,” “hyper,” and “tasty." And for a bonus fact, there’s even a word in the English language that contains a single vowel that appears six times! Can you guess what it is? Indivisibility.

  • The evolution of spoken English began in the fifth century.

  • The modern-day English alphabet consists of 26 letters and was derived from Latin script in the 7th century.

  • The word “vowel” is derived from the Latin word “vocalis,” which means “to speak.”

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