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JobTest.org Career Test Review: Pros, Cons & More

JobTest.org offers a comprehensive career test to guide your professional journey, blending scientific methods with intuitive analysis. Pros include detailed insights and personalized reports, while cons may involve cost considerations. How might such a test shape your future career decisions?
Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Whether you dream of having a high-paying job or following your passion, finding your “dream job” can be tough. Since graduating from college, I’ve received conflicting guidance about landing the best job. Some people have told me to “listen to my heart,” while others have advised me to “do what I’m good at.” While this advice has come with good intentions, it has not necessarily been helpful in my job search. 

Like many other 20-somethings, I want a career that will make me happy, but how can I identify that specific profession out of hundreds of choices? 

Rather than turning to other people, I started relying on a different resource: job tests. These tests show you jobs that match your interests, values, and skills. Numerous aptitude tests are available online, each offering something different and valuable. 

One comprehensive career aptitude test stood out from the rest, giving me all the information I needed to make an informed decision about my career. That career test was Jobtest.org

JobTest.org review
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Why I Took a Career Test

After graduating from college, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up: an editor at a publishing company. I got my first job as an editorial assistant at a local publishing company and was on cloud 9. But within a couple of months, I realized that working in publishing was not what I thought it would be like. Although I was passionate about the industry, my skills didn’t align with my day-to-day tasks, and my lack of work-life balance resulted in extreme burnout.

After I left my publishing job, I felt lost. My “dream job” ended up not being what I expected it to be. I needed a tool to help me reevaluate my career goals with a career test, as well as a firm understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. 

My Experience with Jobtest.org

I stumbled across Jobtest.org when scrolling through reviews of career aptitude tests. Many job seekers endorsed this test with glowing reviews, so I thought I would give it a try as well. 

Taking the Test

The whole test takes approximately 15–20 minutes to take. To give you an idea, most career aptitude tests take between 10 minutes and 2 hours, so I was satisfied with this time duration. 

15 minutes of your time for life-changing career advice? That’s a no-brainer for me.

Most of the test involved answering multiple-choice questions or questions on a sliding scale. For instance, one of the first questions asked was: What are you looking for in your ideal career? The user must select the option that they feel most strongly represents their preference, which could be “work-life balance” or “compensation and benefits,” among other answers. The sliding scale questions posed a statement, such as “I prefer working alone,” and asked you to respond to that statement on a scale of “1 (strongly disagree)” to “5 (strongly agree).” The middle option, 3, is “neutral.” 

Taking the Test

Some questions asked me to respond to pictures, and others asked for typed answers. I liked how Jobtest.org catered to users with various test-taking styles, like visual learners and reading learners. Every so often, the test would also provide users with a fun fact about the job market. For example, one of the facts was that “most people will have 12 jobs during their lifetime.” Not only were these facts interesting to job seekers, but they were also comforting. Many of the statements provided a nice reminder that I’m not alone in feeling lost in my career. 

Sample Test Question

Another reason I really liked this career is it’s intuition-based. Once you selected an answer, the screen immediately transported you to the next question. This structure gave users no opportunity to second-guess their answers. There are many benefits to intuition-based tests. For one, they help you tap into your subconscious and identify talents or interests you may not have been aware of. Intuition-based tests are also more likely to give you results that coincide with your most authentic self. 

If you try to answer questions in a way that you think will give you the best result or present a false image of yourself, the results may not accurately reflect your true abilities, interests, and personality traits. This can lead to a mismatch between your actual strengths and the career path you choose based on the test results. Jobtest.org helped me avoid feeling like I had to fit in with society's expectations or what I thought were the norms for my career. Instead, it helped me embrace my unique qualities and traits. This ultimately led me to discover career paths that align with my passions and strengths, even if they are unconventional. 

Take the Jobtest.org Career Test Today to Find Out Your Work Personality

My Results

Once I completed the test, I was emailed a link that led to my Jobtest.org results. 

The first page, the “Overview,” gave me a breakdown of the top 5 career paths recommended for me, the traits that make up my “career personality,” and my income potential. This page alone gave me insight into career paths that I had never considered before that aligned with my career personality and priorities. Some of my recommended career paths included paralegal, administrative assistant, and recreation therapist. 

Job Results

On the next page, under the "Analysis" tab, I got a detailed look at my career personality. Jobtest.org measures six broad interest patterns, which they call “CAPBOI” for short. According to statistics, each of these patterns can link your interests to the career and educational prospects that will bring you the most satisfaction. The Analysis page also provided me with sections detailing my strengths and weaknesses and advice on how to maximize my strengths and improve my weaknesses. 

Strength and Weaknesses

After reflecting upon this information, I turned to the last two tabs: Career Path and Tools. The Career Path tab allows users to delve deeper into each of their five recommended career paths. When I clicked on the Paralegal tab, it provided me with some basic information about the position, including the salary range and job description, and even more information about why I was recommended for the job. 

The page is a great resource to turn to for the next steps, helping you build a resume tailored toward paralegal positions and informing you of the qualifications you need to apply for the job. The last tab, “Tools,” provides you with even more job resources included in your report. 

Sample Job Result

Benefits of Taking a Career Test

There are many ways that I benefited from taking a career aptitude test. Overall, this test gave me further insight into myself, the job market, and potential career paths. 


Everyone always says you know yourself better than anyone else. But it can be hard to look at your strengths and weaknesses in an objective way, especially when it comes to jobs and career paths. Not only did Jobtest.org provide me with an organized and thorough list of my career strengths and weaknesses, but this platform also suggested numerous ways for me to maximize those strengths and improve upon my weaknesses. Regardless of my chosen career path, these suggestions will prove useful in the long run. 

Learn about new career paths

People grow up dreaming about becoming an actor, singer, doctor, or firefighter. While these are all worthy careers, they are just a handful of options among the hundreds that are available. There may even be career paths in emerging fields, such as data science or renewable energy, that you may have never even known existed before taking a career test. Taking this career test with Jobtest.org introduced me to new and exciting positions that perfectly aligned with my skills and interests. For instance, I had never considered becoming a recreation therapist, but this position aligns with my leadership and communication skills and my desire to help others and make a difference. 

Discover your work personality

Everyone has a personality that comes out when they spend time with family, friends, and loved ones, but my work personality is entirely different. For example, I'm an extrovert who likes to be around other people, but I also like to work alone on detail-oriented, organized tasks at work. This was not a conclusion I would have jumped to on my own, but by answering questions about myself in the workplace, Jobtest.org's algorithm was able to provide me with that insight. 

Find work satisfaction

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to their careers. Some people want to make as much money as possible, while others are more focused on finding a job with a good work-life balance. Career tests will factor these priorities into their recommendations when considering the best career path for you. Choosing a career path that aligns with your career goals, priorities, and requirements will lead to the most career satisfaction down the line. 

Why Choose Jobtest.org for a career test

As someone who has taken dozens of career aptitude tests, Jobtest.org was the only one that checked all of my boxes. The test was short and easy to take, with questions that appealed to both visual learners and those who like to read and write their responses. I loved how this test was based on first instincts and included fun job facts along the way.

My thorough and insightful results also blew me away. Jobtest.org provided me with extensive information about my career personality and potential career paths I could follow, but they also provided me with concrete next steps I could take to get these exciting jobs. 

Take the Jobtest.org Career Test Today to Find Out Your Work Personality

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